Wedding Planners + Bay Horse Inn

Congratulations sweet bride to be!  What a wonderful road ahead of you.  Planning your wedding is certainly half of the fun.  Many of us have been planning our wedding day years before we get the diamond, so this will be a piece of cake!! You have the vision and family to help, now go plan the wedding of your dreams! What type of bride am I?  Where will I have my reception?  Oh no, they’re booked- now...

Wedding Success in California!

We have made it back to Indiana and Sun and John’s wedding was a huge success.

Vendor Highlight: Artist Stephanie London

I was doing a little wedding spring cleaning in my office and I ran across a brochure that I received from a conference about 4 years ago.

Sun Unveiled: 60 days to go

(mmmm, mmmm,mmmm, wouldn’t you want to be a guest at this wedding?!

Vintage and gently used wedding stuff at Ruffled

I love the hunt for vintage and rummaging through antique shops hoping to find that one piece that is one of a kind.
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