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Congratulations sweet bride to be!  What a wonderful road ahead of you.  Planning your wedding is certainly half of the fun.  Many of us have been planning our wedding day years before we get the diamond, so this will be a piece of cake!! You have the vision and family to help, now go plan the wedding of your dreams!

What type of bride am I?  Where will I have my reception?  Oh no, they’re booked- now what?  That doesn’t matter, my dress won’t look good there anyway.  I can’t forget to tell the florist that I changed my mind and I hate peonies today, but first I need to pay her. No, first I need to change my inspiration board.  I need to tell the venue that I changed my inspiration board.  How much was that again? My mom was in charge of that.  I’ll call her right after I call my friend Stephanie who is helping me plan the wedding and ask.  I have to wait until her baby is done napping though.  She’s just as excited to plan my wedding as I am!!  I am having so much fun!  My mother in law wants up lighting.  Where do I find up lighting?  Does the Barn even allow up lighting? RSVP’s are coming in!!  This is happening!   How will they get to the Barn?  Did I confirm the rooms at the hotel?  I bet the hotel will help me coordinate the shuttle on the wedding day.  I have the timeline memorized and Stephanie is helping.  Can Stephanie show the florist where I want the extra flowers?  Agh, Stephanie’s a bridesmaid.  She has to be with me and get ready.  My mom won’t mind.  Yes, she will make sure the DJ arrives and wait on the florist.  My cake is gorgeous!!  The photographer doesn’t have the timeline.  Can someone find the timeline?  Eek, I am getting married today.  Did I ever get a piece of cake?

Calm down sweet bride.  You’re gonna eat a piece of cake and I already gave the photographer your timeline.  I assure you of that.  It’s my job.  

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Just as if you were building a house, there would be many contractors involved and one cannot move on to the next step without the other.  There needs to be a foreman.  In your case, it’s a wedding and there needs to be a wedding planner. Weddings are productions and your role is the bride just as your mom’s role is to be the mom and please please please just let Stephanie be a bridesmaid.

Thirty years ago, wedding planners were a luxury.  Only the upper class were inviting 250 plus out of town friends and family to their sit down steak and chicken dinner.  Fast forward to today- sit down steak and chicken are standard, guests expect to travel, and Pinterest has made the wedding of your dreams more accessible.  And with that, you’ve just added a million more moving parts.  Modern day wedding planners fill the gap and answer the question, “Who makes sure all of that happens?” Initially, you do, bride to be.  You’ve hired a team of vendors and sent them off onto the wedding day hoping that they have embraced your vision and have answered all of their questions while you enjoy the day.  Adding a wedding planner to that team ensures that those vendors do indeed understand the rules of the facility, the events of the day, and most importantly your expectations.  A wedding planner’s responsibility is you and the vendors, and if hired to be on board in the beginning, can help you find those vendors who are within your budget and reputable.

Nowadays, wedding planners are a standard part of the vendor team.  Normally their services are broken up into “Full-Service” or “Day of Coordination”.  Full-Service includes vendor selection, budget planning, site visits, design coordination and reception management.   Full-Service would be ideal for a bride who wants a professional opinion and liaison throughout the entire planning process.  Day of Coordination typically begins anywhere between 1-3 months before the wedding and the role of the planner would be to finalize payments, coordinate vendor meetings, reception management, and create a timeline.  Day of Coordination is ideal for the very organized bride who can easily make decisions in the planning process, but needs a professional to put those plans into place.  Both services should include vendor management, a timeline for the weekend, and rehearsal and reception management.

Planning your wedding IS half of the fun, but do yourself a favor and add a wedding planner to your team.

Congratulations again sweet Bride!



JA Alexandra Coordination & Design are full service wedding planners that offer several options including Day of Coordination to help you plan your wedding.  We would love to meet with you for a complimentary consultation and discuss your needs and vision. 317-979-0772



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