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It seems like forever since we have blogged about anything, but no worries, we are doing great and moving full speed ahead into wedding season.  Yikes, it is already here!!  So what have we been up to?  Oh my, grab a comfy chair.  I will spare you the details and tell you this; we were fortunate enough to be able to participate in Super Bowl, weddings are always on our mind:), my little one turned 5:(, and we are sorting through all of our pictures and redoing our brand; sort of.  Meanwhile, we are still making timelines, and dreaming up big dreams for our clients!!!

I can’t go without saying thank you to our photographers.  You are the only proof of existence that we have and you help us build our brand more than you know!!!  Thank you for letting us use your work to promote ours!  Keep up the good work!!

Most recently, we have found our business and personal lives come full circle.  I love being a part of our bride’s life even after the I do’s.  Maybe you remember our bride blogger, Krissy (newly Strack).  Her and Paul had the most romantic and wonderful winter wedding and have now purchased a house together.  We wish them all of the best and my advice would be to fall in love with Lowe’s!!  Haha  Seriously,  we love to hear about the steps beyond the wedding.  Keep us posted on especially on the babies!!  We love them here!

Speaking of babies, here are mine.  Not so much babies anymore, huh?  Besides planning weddings, this is what Momma Alexandra and I are always up to!


Raw Sugar Photography

Photo by: Raw Sugar Photography

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